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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Did I overreact to the alien's penis?



Alienman In the last few days of school, my 6-year-old son wrote me a note: "I am sorry for that bad thing I did." He made red crayon hearts in each corner of the page.

His crime? He had added a "penis" to his animated drawing of an alien during computer time that day in class. His artwork was attached to his note, which required my signature.

Oh Nelly, was I mad. Not so much for the penis, (frankly, it looked more like a belt buckle than any man-part I've ever seen), but because it had been a Big Deal with the teacher. The girls were ushered out of the room, the school's lone male kindergarten teacher was brought in, and my son and the three other alien-penis-makers got a talking to.

His punishment: I banned all use of electronics for one week. No computer, TV or Nintendo. (I was going to make it three days, so as not to coincide with the weekend and the little bit of "down" time I get while he's watching TV, but I wanted something more dramatic.)

See, my son had been having lots of days like this, earning notes home in his bag with frowny faces and comments like, "...was disruptive during circle time," and "up and down during rest." It was starting to worry me.

Because you know who that reminds me of? ME.

I was the chatty Cathy, class clown, the disruptor. Heck, I spent half my junior year of English class with my desk out in the hall.

Sure, I turned out okay, but it was rough getting to okay. Don't we all want to save our kids from our past mistakes?

I learned from the moms of the three other bad boys that they thought the alien thing was a hoot. A harmless "boys-will-be-boys" prank. None got more than a talking to.

The next morning I heard my son talking to his dad. "Daddy, I don't understand why what I did was so bad."

I cut the week-long ban down to three days.

-- Times mom

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