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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Disney eggs -- What will they think of next?



Disney's marketing machine must be working overtime these days. First, they come up with the brilliant plan to give everyone a free day in a park on their birthday. Then, they have the requisite "We're going to Disney World" commercial right after the Pittsburgh Steelers come-from-behind victory in the Super Bowl.

But even this one leaves us scratching our heads: Disney is now putting character faces on eggs. No, not Easter eggs -- fresh eggs that you will then crack and make into whatever. Here's the commercial for them:

A Momma friend says maybe she could see them as hard-boiled eggs in your kid's lunch. But another Momma here said even a cute Disney character on an egg wouldn't make her son want them.

Actually, the Disney character eggs first showed up in Japan. You can look for all your favorite Disney characters -- Mickey, Minnie, Woody, Wall-e. But while looking through a dozen or two, we found that the some of the stamps were a little smudged.

Of course, because it's Disney, you're going to pay. A dozen eggs costs $2.49 (18 are $3.49) at Publix. That's a bit more than a regular dozen eggs costs; it's probably more on par with a dozen organic eggs. If it helps any, there was an ad in the Sunday Times for 50-cents off a dozen.

So this does make you wonder -- what will they think of next? Maybe at Halloween, they could sell a carton of rotten eggs with the faces of Disney villains on them -- just right for throwing at the house where they put one pixie stick in your bag.

-- Sherry Robinson

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