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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Disney/Pixar's 'Up': Take the kids -- and some tissue

Mom_up I really thought I knew what to expect when my family went to a screening of Disney/Pixar's 10th film, Up. After seeing the trailers, I was sure that it was just about a grumpy old man and a kid who become friends in the end after going through some adventures. And it is that -- but it's so much more.

And because of that, Mommas, you better take your tissue. Because I'm talking sad here, like Nemo's mom kind of sad.

Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner) decides that he doesn't want to stick around and watch developers take control of his tiny home. He attaches hundreds of helium-filled balloons to his colorful little house and sets off for South America. Once in the air, an unexpected knock on the door leads him to  8-year-old Wilderness Explorer Russell (Jordan Nagai), who has come to Carl's home to earn his "Assisting the Elderly" badge. Once Carl reluctantly lets him in, the wild plot really takes off.

There are some portions of the movie that made me feel like sobbing. A scene at a doctor's office went over the kids' heads but left the adults silent for a moment. Each time you started to get down, the filmmakers would find a way to lighten up the story. Kids and adults laughed loudly in all the right places -- yes, there is some bathroom humor but just a little. And the adventure keeps you on the edge of your seat as the characters begin to realize that sometimes, the most memorable moments of your life are the everyday adventures you have with the people you love.

As my 10-year-old son said, there was more emotion in the film than just laughter.

This movie may not be for every kid. There are only two female characters -- and one of them is off screen after about 10 minutes. So the princess crowd may not enjoy this flick as much as the boys do.

The bottom line is that you should take your kids to see Up, whether in 3D or regular. While it will leave you feeling down in some places, you'll cheer for the heroes and laugh loudly at the funny scenes. In the end, it's worth a couple of tissues to see a good movie.

-- Sherry Robinson

[Photo: Disney/Pixar]

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