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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Diva summer camp



Mom_screaming Back around Thanksgiving, when the organized people of the world were signing up for the upcoming year’s summer camps (because they were already done with their Christmas shopping that they completed during last
summer’s session), I realized that since I’m such an unorganized spaz, we’d have to “home camp”  once again this year.

At Home Science Camp, the children will participate in many hands-on and interactive experiments. Popular activities of past years include theMom_gummyworms Tupperware Contents guessing game, dissecting gummy worms and meteorological prognosticating when we see if we can ake it from the beach to the car before it rains. We will even explore botanical interests when we plant a mint garden for Counselor Diva’s Mojitos.

In Cooking Camp, we will test the nutritional theory that Push-ups from
Mom_pushuppops_2  the ice cream man can be considered as both a daily serving of dairy and fruit.

In Art Camp, campers will assist master artist Mommy paint the master bathroom. In addition, they will learn such creative techniques as wall crayon removal, sidewalk chalk portraits, and how to color within the
lines when doing pedicures. On laundry day, we’ll hold a special “underwear origami” session. Mom_sidewalkchalk

And there will be sports camps! Dirty diaper shot-put and cycling events around the block. We’ll even partake in some dance instruction when we learn steps to avoid the dog piles in the back yard. And what would summer camp be without swimming? We’ll go for a dip in the pool if they feel the need to get wetter after washing my car.

And as a special treat, we’ll attend a guest lecture on modern consumerism
Mom_macysshoeat Macy’s from the lovely sales consultant in the shoe department.

But my favorite of the season will be Camp Everyday Adventure. It’s the
one where we close our eyes and point to a random place on the map and
make a road trip there. A time where we make forts under tables and bake a
cake just because it’s Tuesday. We sleep late and go to bed even later. We
elevate beachcombing to an art form. And we un-learn how to tell time.

Graduation from Camp Adventure is when my children learn that not every
moment needs to be planned, chaperoned, and guided by adults; and the only
supplies needed are a free afternoon and an even freer imagination for the
perfect summer vacation.

Suburban Diva

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