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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Do you put your money where your mouth is?



We say we want healthy snack options, but do we support the food companies that are providing them?                                                  

Peeled Healthy snacks are like the Mamma Mia! of the food industry, said Ian Kelleher, who heads sales and marketing for the Peeled Snacks, a line of organic dried fruit and nut mixes meant to stave off hunger in a healthy way. The box office smash operated very much like Peeled Snacks in that it went for a neglected demographic in spite of an industry that typically ignores women who say they want quality movies. "On the heels of Mamma Mia's success, I keep expecting to see a bunch of new movies aimed at that same audience being made.  But no, nothing like it seems to be in development," Kelleher said on the company's foodie blog Peeled Skinny.  The people trying to sell healthy snacks know this frustration well when trying to get vendors and groceries to set aside space for them next to the Funyons.                                                                                                   
We tested a batch of the company's snack packets and overall they got good reviews from a variety of women, men and finicky kids. One 10 year old  surprised us by liking the dried plums but the pluot (a cross between a  plum and an apricot) was not a hit. The dried mango, apples and apricots  all had a nice soft, non-leathery quality that surprised us. And the nut and chocolate combos were a hit.                                          

But don't look for your local vending machine to stock this or or another line that caught our attention, Crispy Fruit, which have Crispy Apples,  Crispy Bananas, Crispy Pears and Crispy Pineapples.                      

The Peeled Snacks ($2.49 and $3.49 for the mixes) are in airport shops in Florida, on Jet Blue flights, at Nordstrom stores and this summer its "GoFigure" mix will be in Costco  throughout Florida. Crispy Fruit is available at The Fresh Market, Carmines and Chamberlin’s Market for $1.49 for the single serving size and $7.99 for the six-pack.                  

Maybe like Mamma Mia fans, moms who say they care about healthy snacking  will go out of their way to seek out and support a product they say they want to see more of. My my, how can we resist you?

---Sharon Kennedy Wynne                                                     


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