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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Do you set some goals for kids summer activities?



resolution.jpgI really loved Tracey Henry's blog post on healthy eating this summer when she makes a comparison of the start of summer to New Year's Day, when we set some resolutions. Does anyone else start the summer with the best of intensions (Be it resolved: We will learn to tie shoes well this summer) only to find yourselves racing around in the last weeks of August (Where can we find Velcro sneakers in the bigger sizes?).

We have some goals we set. I don't necessarily think the school should assign work but it might make it easier for the parents to enforce if they can point to the school as the bad guy. The problem is summer is a time for chucking routines. How can we sneak in some learning activities and goals without making it look like Mommy Boot Camp?

Our goals:

  • Learn to tie shoes well by the end of summer. We mean it this time!
  • Work on handwriting. It's atrocious.
  • Visit the library weekly. This is where a routine come can come in handy, if we pick a certain day of the week as Library Day.
  • Take up some new hobby that's challenging. Not sure what it will be yet. An instrument? A craft? Learning a new sport?
  • For my middle schooler, we are going to work on practical things like learning to cook a complete meal, sew a button, iron a dress shirt, etc.

Recommendations welcomed! What are your goals? Or are you more of a, "Hey, let's chill, it's hot,"  type? Despite my best efforts, I predict about a 10 percent return on good intentions.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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