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Dropside crib recall madness

Cspc The night before my first Mother's Day, during that wonderful time for moms between when everyone else goes to sleep and the time you yourself go to bed, I opened an e-mail from The subject was "Recall - Gateway Manufacturing (LaJobi Inc.) - Cribs?."

After the last wave of drop side crib recalls stemming from infant deaths and injuries, we considered bolting our drop side shut, but it seemed secure and wasn't on any recall lists, so we left it alone, though we kept a close eye out while the baby was in the crib. Well, now I was reading in the middle of the night that I was supposed to stop using our Graco "Lauren" dropside crib "immediately" and "contact LaJobi at 888-842-2215 or to receive a free repair kit."

I went to LaJobi's website (They had manufactured the 217,000 recalled cribs for more well-known Graco). On their home page were two recall links. I clicked on the one from 2010, and about 20 minutes later, after some twisting and contorting to get my eyes on a number on a bar under the bed ( to confirm without waking the baby) I had a repair kit ordered and on the way -- within a few weeks, a note said.

A comment on CNN's story about the recall summarized my sentiments nicely: "Why are drop side cribs even in the market?" asked Nidhi Adhwaryu Shah. "There has been a continuous array of recalls on the drop side cribs. Manufacturers haven't yet learned the 'safe' way of making them."

I haven't been a mom for long, but it seems that there are way too many recalls for baby items, including medicine, high chairs, strollers and slings. How on earth are these things tested, I wonder, and how many kids have to die? Baby items, especially, need to past the most stringent safety measures of all.

Dory Knight-Ingram

Pictured: Graco "Lauren" drop side crib, one of many recalled Graco models manufactured by LaJobi

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