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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Feelin' some love for Baby Loves Disco



Babydisco_01 My 2-year-old is fast asleep right now. I wish I were.

Baby Loves Disco wore us out.

The family-friendly dance party debuted in Tampa this afternoon at International Plaza's Blue Martini Lounge. A soldout crowd of 275 moms, dads and kids ages 6 months to 7 years old packed the place within an hour of the 11 a.m. start. Many others were turned away at the door.

Organizers pitched the party as a hip alternative to the park and playground scene.

And it was. Parents and kids boogied down to '70s music with hula hoops and scarfs. Others snacked on juice boxes and animal crackers at the outdoor bar or stood in line for face painting.

Overall, I really liked the concept. It was fun and different and I can't say I minded the stale beer smell. (Ahh, the good old days.)

I'm just not sure I would do it again, at least not with a 2-year-old.

Two seemed a tad young for the event, although there were a ton of kids that age, and even younger. The dance floor was too small and the bar tables too high for little ones. Moms and dads ended up holding a lot of the toddlers, for fear they would get run over or disappear into the crowd. Thank goodness, all strollers stayed outside.

My daughter was afraid of the loud music and, by the time she mustered the courage to try out the dance floor, she had no room to move around and kept tripping on the hula hoops on the floor. She seemed to have the most fun pushing buttons on the bar's ATM machine and running behind the bar, which had few takers. (Who can drink when you're chasing a toddler through a crowded nightclub?)

Kids ages 4 and up were in their glory. They danced wild and free, twirling the scarves and shaking egg-shaped music makers. For them and their parents, the $15 a head cover charge was probably worth it.

For me, it was a little steep. An hour into it, were ready for some calm. A final fistful of goldfish crackers, and we left, a bit weary but satisfied by the experience.

Give it a few years, I thought, and momma will really love baby loves disco.

-- Susan Thurston

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