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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Gawd, I hate packing lunches



Am I the only person that despises the school lunch box? I'm not sure 4043502-2400x2000 where this aversion comes from, but I think it comes from my own school days when I had to pack a lunch while all the cool kids got to buy theirs in the cafeteria. Back then it was much cheaper to pack the lunch. Seeing all the prepackaged drinks, chips and Lunchables coming out of boxes in our cafeteria, I think that price difference has flipped. It's only a couple bucks to buy the school lunch.

But alas, my kids hate the cafeteria food, so I'm back on lunchbox duty until the younger one is big enough to hand this duty off to. I have no creativity when it comes to this. It's pretty much PB&J or turkey sandwiches, some pretzels or Wheat Thins, some fruit, a drink and something sweet, usually a granola bar. I think that's a pretty good lunch. But not every. single. day. I'm in need of some better ideas.

I will offer this tip to make your lunch packing go fast by investing in some extra time at the beginning of the week. Get a big bag of pretzels and bag up 4-5 of them for the week. Get a big bag of grapes and cube up some melon and make 5 bags of fruit to tote along in the lunchbox. Take a tip from the Uncrustables people and freeze peanut butter sandwiches. I will make 3-4 of them at once and freeze the rest. They freeze beautifully and thaw out by lunch time. 

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne


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