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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Gift ideas for teachers and day care workers



gift.jpgLet’s be honest, we want the teacher or day care worker to like us the best and adore our children. Some of us are not above bribery when it comes to the people who take care of our kids. Cynicism aside, thanking the people who do a sometimes thankless job is important this time of year.

Look for the tbt* gift guide in today's edition where we broke down gift ideas into price ranges of  Oliver Twist (You can’t even afford soup or pants without holes, let alone presents. What will you do? Follow young Oliver for gifts $20 and less.) Cliff Huxtable (You are a hard-working professional with many handsome sweaters and a few extra bucks to spend this year. Congratulations! Follow Cliff for gifts from $20-$50.) and Rich Uncle Pennybags (Hallelujah! You have enough money to buy both Boardwalk and Park Place. Step up your gift game but do not pass go. Follow Pennybags for gifts more than $50.)

Here's the suggestions for child care workers or teachers:

$20 and under
We’ve been told by these angels that what they most treasure is a heartfelt note of thanks with specifics on why they make life better for you and your kids. The first one to make the teacher cry wins!
Throw in a basket of consumables like the expensive classroom supplies that teachers often buy for themselves like Post-its, colored gel pens, Sharpie markers and white board markers. But please, anything but an apple-related knickknack sold in the “gifts for teacher” aisle, we beg you. If you give her a gift card, try to keep it practical, like movies, coffee or groceries, not some out-of-the-way store.

If you don’t want the other parents rightfully resenting you, make an effort to team up with other parents for any gift over $20. This isn’t an arms race and if you have a great idea, pool the resources.
Get something for the classroom like this melting clock from the Salvador Dali Museum store for $24.95, along with this picture book The Life and Work of Salvador Dali, which is suitable for pre-school through pre-teen. You can stop by the store at 1000 Third St. S in St. Petersburg or order online at the museum store.

$50 and up
rug.jpgFor a high-dollar class gift it's best to ask the teacher for her wish list, but you might offer as a suggestion these cute area rugs by Surya, found at the independent furniture shop Being in St. Petersburg. This is great for story time or as a gathering spot, and you'd be surprised how grubby those rugs can get by the end of the year. Most teachers or day care workers really appreciate a clean new one every year. It's $130-$530, depending on the size. Being, 1575 Fourth St. N, St. Petersburg, (727) 822-6252,

Still not inspired? Here's a longer list of suggestions for the teacher, and here's a longer one on day care providers.

— Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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