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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Give peanuts to kids with allergies?



We've all been there -- in a classroom or lunchroom -- and the teacher asks if Mom_peanuts the snack you brought for a kid's birthday or a class party has any peanuts in it because there is someone in the class who has an allergy. I think we are all pretty savvy enough to try to avoid peanuts when we are taking in treats. But now comes two new studies that say giving peanuts on a daily basis to kids who have a peanut allergy may block the allergy. They build up a resistance and develop tolerance for peanuts.

For Mommas out there who have to worry every day about whether their kids will be exposed to peanuts that could trigger a severe attack, this must be good news. "It's such a burden lifted off your shoulder to realize you don't have to worry about your child eating a peanut and ending up really sick," said Rhonda Cassada of Hillsborough, N.C., whose 7-year-old son Ryan has been labeled allergy-free for two years and counting.

But here's the bad news: The tests were only done on a handful of kids in one study. Now, I'm not sure if this needs to be said, but I will: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME ON YOUR OWN! Just in case of an emergency, the kids were all monitored closely by doctors.

In other words, ask your child's doctor what he or she thinks about all this. There is more study under way.

-- Sherry Robinson

[Last modified: Thursday, May 13, 2010 10:59am]


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