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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

GQ puts Glee cast in sexy thongs and says, "Who us?"



glee.jpgAs our friends over at our pop culture Juice blog note on news that the Parents Television Council is outraged that some stars of Glee are posing in GQ in "hyper-sexualized" photos that send the wrong message to kids: The message we think it's sending is hey, maybe you shouldn't let people who are almost 30 play teenagers on TV.

Good point, I say, but the magazine was setting up these photos so  they can pretend outrage. When they put these characters in a high school setting they knew what they were doing. Sure the actors are in their 20s but they didn't put them in a bar or a club. They put them in a school locker room, in a library in their underwear and straddling classroom desks. They invited the Lolita fantasies and acted shocked, SHOCKED that anyone saw anything pervy in it.


While I agree that the actors are plenty old enough to pose for racy pictures,  the setting is what skeeves me out about it. And once again, as in so many of these photo shoots, the girls are in their undies and the boy is fully clothed with a stupid grin. It feels like a gift to the funny uncles of the world. But hey, if you have a funny uncle with a birthday coming up, show him this slide show of the Glee pictures. He'll love it.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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