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The Great Debates -- home version



Mom_debate In honor of the Presidential debate that is set for tonight, I thought I might provide a transcript from my daily debates for your amusement until the real one begins.

Issue: The campaign this October

Youngest Son: Can I go as the Grim Reaper for Halloween this year?

Me: I don't think the school allows you to be something that gruesome.

Youngest Son: I'll be a friendly Grim Reaper.

Winner: Youngest Son, at first blush, but the school's principal may ultimately prevail on this point.

Issue: Energy

Oldest Son: Can we have another sleepover tonight?

Me: No, I don't like back-to-back sleepovers during the school year.

Oldest Son: That's okay because we never really sleep anyway.

Winner: Oldest Son -- I'm too tired to offer a rebuttal.

Issue: Health Care.

Pharmacist: It's a day too early to refill that prescription with your insurance, so if you want it now, you can pay the out-of-pocket price.

Me: How much is that?

Pharmacist: $187.50. Your co-pay amount is $10 bucks tomorrow.

Winner: Walgreens -- (They also win on the issue of the economy because I spent twice as much by making 2 trips to pick up the prescription.)

Issue: Global Warming

Me (to 4 year-old Daughter): Please don't sit on that carton of eggs, you'll break them.

Jr. Sierra Club Member: I'm the Mommy bird keeping them warm.

Winner: Toss up -- But definitely not the carton of eggs.

Issue: Social Security

22 Year-Old Nephew/House Guest: Could you call me your son or something when we're out so people don't think I'm older than I am?

Me: But then they'd think that I was older than I am.

Winner: Me -- In my rose-colored world, I'm 22, and he's the old, crazy lunatic yelling at the television set in a room full of cats clipping coupons and old newspaper articles.

Final Issue of the Evening: Ending hunger

Me: Should I polish off that pan of brownies or resist the temptation?

Me Again: (Since no one will talk politics with me anymore) Don't do it, you'll regret it later. You know the difference between you and a pig?

Me: Um, lipstick?

Me: No, that pan of brownies.

Winner: Not that pan of brownies.

-- Suburban Diva


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