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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Great solution to swapping out purses, bags



pouchee.jpgI have this theory that purses and houses, no matter how big or small, are always full. That makes switching from that big straw bag to the cute little red number that matches your outfit especially tough because  the daily detritus of keys, cell phone, lipstick and pens have to be moved over.

Enter Pouchee, a $24-$26 ringed pouch that’s like a wallet on steroids. The folks there sent me one to try out and I thought the idea was pretty brilliant, especially for moms who need a spot in the diaper bag for their own belongings.

Most purse organizers I've seen have been too large and complex to switch between purses or a diaper bag or pool bag. This one lets you keep your must-haves in there and you only have to toss it in the new clutch and off you go. It's even cute enough to carry on it's own into the store if you are in a hurry. And even if you aren't switching bags, it makes it easier to get at your most-needed items and not have to sift through receipts and gum wrappers to find your car keys.

All this summer I've been carrying around a ginormous leather bag in an animal print that I have to admit I had long grown tired of. But going through all the junk in there to switch to my cute littler Sak purse was daunting.

purseart.jpgThe Pouchee easily held all my credit cards, ID, library card and other membership and business cards I carry around. My only complaint it things slipped out of the Pouchee into my purse, but this might be because of my happing of throwing the bag in the back seat, where it gets knocked around some.

I was able to fit 2 lipsticks, my work ID lanyard, sunglasses, cell phone and keys with room left over. I switched purses twice last week, even on the run. The only time I missed my giant bag was when I had a headache and reached for the bottle of Tylenol had I kept on hand in there and realized that was one of the lesser items that didn't make the cut. That giant bag had gotten heavier by the week and I kept adding things like aspirin bottles "just in case." I must admit I do like traveling lighter, but it feels like I'm missing something.

Available at Mori Luggage at Westhshore Plaza in Tampa or

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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