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Halloween books just spooky enough



We're coming into the homestretch on this fun holiday for kids of all ages. If you haven't seen all of our posts on Halloween and what the holiday has to offer in the bay area, check out the Whoa, Momma! crew here.

In the two days before Halloween, it might be fun to grab a couple of books to scare your kids -- just a little -- and make them giggle uncontrollably about funny ghosts, goblins and one of our favorites, SpongeBob SquarePants. These books would also be a great way to make little ghouls and boys at a class party sit down for just a minute.

Mom_halloweenqueen Take a peek at a few not-so-sinister books for the little ones. And here's one to check out before you go, a review by Times stafer and Poppa of two Matthew Waite on Mary Englebreit's new picture book, Queen of Halloween ($16.99, Harper Collins):

Two sentences and my 5-year-old princess-obsessed daughter was hooked.
"Ann Estelle had the perfect Halloween costume: a long lacy skirt, a
bright shiny wand, and a pair of glittery wings. And a crown, of


The story is simple and sweet. A girl and her friend who go trick or
treating, she as the queen of Halloween, he as a pirate ("I don't like
pirates," my daughter's running commentary went. "I like girl stuff").
They think they are old enough to go to one house alone, too proud to
be scared in front of the other but too young not to be. In the end,
the girl gets brave and the pair gets candy.

This is a point not lost on my proto-feminist daughter. When I asked
her about her favorite parts of the book, they were, in this order:
The girl is the brave one and they get candy.

"They love candy," she said. "Like me."

In all, a nice book for her age. None of the too-much-gore vibe that's
taking over what should be a kid's holiday. This book says it's okay to be a little scared and good to be brave.

And there's candy. How can you argue with that?

Thanks, Matt. You really can't argue with that.

-- Sherry Robinson

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