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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Holiday party fun in the classroom!



Back in August, I signed on to be the Momma-in-charge of the first-grade Christmas party. Even though I've done this a time or two, I'm always looking for fun activities for the kids to do. Here's a couple that I thought you might want for your class.

The Discovery Education puzzle maker is a fun place to make personalized crossword puzzles, word searches, cryptograms and other puzzles for kids. I like the word search because for first graders, it's easy for them to use. And since it is personalized, the kids all have fun searching for their names and those of their friends. Copy it onto some festive holiday paper and one activity is done.

Can you beat holiday bingo? Sure, the kids will be all sugared up after the eat the M&Ms, gumdrops or Reese's Piece's you use for markers, but they will have lots of fun. This bingo card generator even gives you words to write on the cards. All you'll need are the words to call out and the markers. Print the cards on card stock to give them a little weight.

Mom_rudolph You gotta love the Pin the Nose on Rudolph game. Just print the noses and Rudolph and get ready for lots of laughter after you spin the kids. But if you do this, remember to bring something that serves as a blindfold. We forgot one time and asked the kids to keep their eyes closed -- yeah, right.

One game that we have done in the past is to get the room moms to hide (but not too well) small (unbreakable) ornaments or jingle bells around the classroom. Then let the kids go search for them. When they find one, they come to a designated room mom for a little party favor.

And never let a little down time get past you. Sit the little darlings in a circle Mom_fiverings and get their attention with this beautiful pop-up edition of The Twelve Days of Christmas by Robert Sabuda. They will love seeing the birds pop out of the pages or the rings on the antlers of a reindeer. Storytime is a great way to quiet the calamity.

Now, even if you aren't in charge of the party, you still can help. My friend Sharon, who seems like she is always volunteering, says that when it comes to room mom duties, she is a follower not a leader. But she always raises her hand to pitch in. She suggests that even if you are incredibly busy -- who isn't? -- you can still drop off a bottle of juice or call to ask what you can do.

I agree. So here's someting you can do: Share your ideas so that Mommas can throw the best holiday parties for their kids.

-- Sherry Robinson

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