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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

How can we get kids to eat healthier?



First Lady Michelle Obama is ramping up her  "Lets Move" initiative to reduce childhood obesity by taking Mom_familydinner on the food industry, talking about the issues on the cover of Newsweek and urging parents to pay more attention to their kids' diet and exercise -- while also acknowledging that you can't mandate healthy eating.

Her husband's administration has called for a ban on junk food and sodas at schools and put $1 billion in extra money in its budget to pay for more of the fruits, vegetables and whole grains that make teenagers cringe. But congressional support is far from certain, and the American Beverage Association told the New York Times that it does not support a federal ban.

So it's clearly going to be a battle against the tidal wave of junk food culture. If it were easy, we wouldn't have record childhood obesity, would we?

How do we help kids eat better when there's so much junk coming at them?

The problem, I suspect, is we parents aren't making good choices either. If you or your spouse is veggie phobic and the house is stocked with junk food, well...

I also think we need to get past the idea that certain things are "kids food," and they are never healthy. If you are struggling with this, here are some good tips from a leading prevention specialist.

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne


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