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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

I can't let my kids eat all this Halloween candy -- can I?



Halloweencandy Okay, so our kids went trick-or-treating and brought home about 63 metric tons of Halloween candy. Now the question is: What do we do with it all?

Usually my husband and I let them eat it -- but only a little at a time. We put all the Halloween candy in a canister and dole it out as a reward for things like good report cards or (ahem) a clean bill of health from the dentist.

Of course that means they don't come close to eating it all before next Halloween rolls around. But that's not unusual, according to Kidshealth, which reports that only 20 percent of kids in its survey ever finished everything in their treat bags.

According to Lifehacker, some parents pretend that there's a Candy Fairy who flies around on Halloween night and switches the candy bags for a stuffed animal or something equally inedible. Frankly, though, between the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Rabbit and Santa Claus, I think we've got enough mythical creatures tramping through our house.

A co-worker suggested another approach: Tell the kids they can trade their candy for a choice of toys, usually the cheap kind you find on display at Chuck E. Cheese. But I'm already up to here with those little dust-catchers.

One of my friends takes a more pragmatic approach: She buys it back, a dime a piece. She reports that her son leaps at the chance to make some money, but her daughter still prefers cavities to cash. It made me consider trying more of a wholesale swap -- say, a Target or Toys R Us gift card worth $10 for each of their bags. Anybody have any other suggestions?

[Times photo: Pam Royal]

--Sherry Robinson

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