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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

If only life were like baseball...



SP_267270_KEEL_YOUTHBALL_1 If baseball coaches ran schools, there would not be decisions by committees, study groups or month-long reviews.

Case in point: Recently, my son came home from baseball camp saying that he was required to wear deodorant the next day. The coach said one of the boy's really stunk "and he didn't mean in hitting or catching."

Imagine if a teacher had the same issue. Something tells me they'd have a tough time being as direct as a baseball coach.

~ Karen McAllister, mom

Times file photo: David Siegel of Clearwater with Randy Kotchman, owner and school director of Kotchman Baseball/Softball School in Pinellas Park, in May 2007.

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