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I'm bribing my kids not to get a tattoo

tattoo.jpgI read somewhere once that if you don't get a tattoo before age 23, chances greatly increase that you will never get one, or that the ones you get are very easy to cover up as needed for work or school. So I've decided to offer my kids a bribe. If they are tattoo-free at their 23rd birthday, we're giving them $1,000.

My older son said, "Great, that will help me buy a really awesome tattoo." Smart aleck.

But I'm willing to take the bet that if he will delay gratification until then, chances are he will have his degree or know what kind of job or career he wants to pursue. He might even consider marriage by that point, and he will be less likly to have a Mike Tyson face tattoo.

While people with beautiful body art might get defensive at this, hear me out. What I don't like is their permanence, especially when you are young. I'm a different person now than I was 20 years ago. If I'd have gotten a tattoo at 18 I'd have Duran Duran on my butt!

Better to wait until you are an adult and know a little more about yourself and realize the consequences of conspicuous tattoos on your chosen career or image. (I also think if anyone comes up with a painless way to remove tattoos, they'll be richer than Bill Gates.)

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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