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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

I'm going to a playdate, and I haven't a thing to wear!



When the temperatures dipped below 75 recently, I was at a loss when it came to dressing my 18 month Mom_messykid old.

This is not a common problem for me -- there has really never been a shortage of clothes around here before. As the youngest of four, this child has enough hand-me-downs to rival a Dugger family rummage sale. And unlike socks which have the opposite physical properties, a load of baby laundry usually multiplies. If you’ve ever washed a load of baby clothes, you know it will take you four days to fold a single basket.

But when I went looking for something warmer than her usual everyday outfit -- a diaper and a smile -- I found the drawers were bare. All of the plastic totes that serve as the dresser-in waiting in the garage were filled with infant clothes or jeans in the 4T range. Nothing in between.

I then realized that from 18 months to age 3, clothing is generally not faring well enough to be passed down to anyone other than underage housepainters.

Toddlers are tough on clothes. Not only are they messy, but oddly so. Sometimes she is encrusted in such strange substances that at the end of the day I don’t know whether to wash the overalls or deep-fry them in a pot of peanut oil.

And sticky. Let’s not forget how difficult it is to wash out “sticky.” I’ve used a lot of Shout in my lifetime. Mostly, “What the @#$% is all over these pants?”

This is also means she needs a lot more clothes than normal people who chronicle their age annually. She has more daily wardrobe changes than Cher on both her farewell tours combined. We have to bring a change of clothes after every meal, nap, or particularly sharp left-hand turn.

So while I am usually a big fan of the hand-me-down clothing for the preschooler, I will have to make an exception for the toddler years. This soon-to-be two year old will be dressed to the nines.

Unless they make disposable Bibster bodysuits in a 2T.

-- Suburban Diva

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