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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

I'm one of those moms on meds



Mom_pills The final straw broke about 18 months ago. I was driving my three children to soccer practice.
 “I have a surprise for ya’ll,” I told them as I lifted up the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds double CD. One disc was Hannah, the other, Miley Cyrus. 
They chimed out “thank you,” “cool” and “awesome.”  Then my son, almost 5 at the time, dared to ask to hold it.
“No, he’ll break it,” one daughter exclaimed.  She and her sister promptly argued over who would open it.
“I will open it,” I said flatly. “Why does everything have to be such a big deal?”
“Can we listen to the Miley one first?,” my older daughter asked. “No! I want to hear Hannah Montana first,” the younger insisted.
“Mommy, do I have to have shoes on? I don’t have my shoes,” my 4-year-old chimed in.  “And I want to listen to Hannah Montana.”
“Miley!” “Hannah!” “Miley!” “Hannah!” “Mommy!” “Miley.” “Hannah!”“Mommy!”
“Ugggh! I wanted this to be a nice little treat, and y'all have ruined it,” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I clutched the steering wheel so tightly my rings cut into my fingers.
The next morning I had a slight sore throat from yelling. It was like the hangover an alcoholic faces. Or the empty brownie pan soaking in the sink that makes a Weight Watchers' lifetime member cringe because she ate them all, one thin slice at a time, after everyone else was asleep.

This, I decided, was the last sore throat I would incur from yelling at my kids. It was time to consider joining the thousands of other women in the world who take prescription medication to help control their moods, temper, anxiety or depression.

 I have a great life with three kids and a wonderful husband. But he travels a lot. My kids make demands, some fair and some ridiculous. I work.

I have no family in town. We get a sitter most weekends to go out, but I still feel like I never have any “me time,” until everyone is asleep. And that’s often when I work.

My doctor said he prescribes mood-enhancing medications about 10 times a week. He took me through a thorough exam, and I have to come in once a year to get my prescription renewed.

Maybe we moms should do more yoga, cut back our responsibilities, see a therapist, exercise more, put duct tape over our mouths every day after 5 p.m. Maybe we should do anything to avoid relying on drugs to become calmer, happier people.

But unlike Hannah/Miley I only have one world. And I want to enjoy it as much as I can.

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