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Inappropriate thoughts about 'HSM3'



Zac This could be a little creepy coming from a 40something Momma but here goes: Zac Efron is smokin', sexy hot.

C'mon, you were thinking it, too, if you saw High School Musical 3: Senior Year this weekend. So what if it makes us sound like crazy perverts lusting after little boys (just remember, he's not really in high school). 

And that's pretty much the last thing I expected to come away with when I took my 8-year-old daughter to see the movie. I've seen the previous installments and, sure, the heartthrob is a cutie-pie. But sexy? My mind just didn't go there. Kind of like with the aww-so-sweet Jonas Brothers.

But it's impossible not to notice 21-year-old Efron's pumped-up biceps and ripped torso in HSM3 -- especially when he takes his shirt off! He's obviously hit the weights. Even my daughter whispered: "He's got muscles, Mom." What!?! And I'm not even mentioning those sensual blue, bedroom eyes. Or Corbin Bleu's sexy stubble. Or Vanessa Hudgens' supershort dresses showing off hot legs. The kids have grown up.

Don't get me wrong: The movie is still pure, G-rated Disney. There's only one kiss. No bad words. No discussions of sex. (Except Troy climbing a tree into Gabriella's bedroom is a huge no-no.) Very charming, really. But it's like they plopped this totally sexy stud in the middle of The Little Mermaid.

Is it inappropriate? Maybe I'm not qualified to judge after I've been gushing here, though I'm sure the older girls were thinking some things they weren't telling their Mommas. Just consider it fair warning.

Or consider it an unexpected gift to all the Mommas who weren't looking forward to hitting the theaters for a tween movie. It's not so bad (wink-wink).

-- Times Momma

[Photo: Getty Images. Curiously, we had a hard time finding a photo of Zac with his ripped biceps.]

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