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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Jessica Simpson's weighty issue



Mom_jessica_2Jessica Simpson has been called many things: an airhead, a jinx and not a country singer. But now she's being called something else: fat or curvy.

If you haven't seen the pictures, Simpson showed up at an appearance at Pembroke Pines in what some have called "mom jeans" (more on that another time because they certainly aren't jeans any of the moms I know would wear) and looking like she had added a few pounds -- the mags call it "curvy" as if that "wink, wink" word shields you from what is really meant. In the crazy world of celebrity, where folks can wonder if Lindsay Lohan is wasting away, they now wonder why Jess has gained weight.

But in the real world, a woman who goes from a size 2 to a size 6 or 8 isn't fat -- she's normal. And frankly, whose business is it anyway? There will be those who say if you are a celebrity -- like say Britney Spears who was famously called out for her appearance on the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards -- then your image is grist for the public mill. But I don't agree with that because we all know that from perhaps the most famous woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey, to the most unkown, most of us fight this battle.

Ashlee Simpson Wentz, her sister and Momma to Bronx Mowgli, perhaps said it best on her Web site: "Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend? I seriously doubt it. How can we expect teenage girls to love and respect themselves in an environment where we criticize a size 2 figure?"

You might want to tell Jessica to be a little more sensible -- remember her question about Chicken of the Sea? -- but knock her because of a few extra pounds? Um, no, that's not cool, no matter what you think about her.

-- Sherry Robinson

[Photo: Associated Press]

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