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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Kicked out of day care for biting



Mom_bitingkid When my oldest son was about 2, he had a playdate with a little boy and the kid bit him. Hours later, you could still see the kid's teeth marks in my son's arm. It left a bruise on my son and a bad taste in my mouth. No more playdates with that kid -- at least until his parents chewed him out. I didn't have much sympathy for the parents or the other kid. I decided he would not get the chance to sink his teeth into my child again.

Well, now I am a little more sympathetic. That's because two dear friends have an almost 2-year-old who is a biter. In fact, he is such a biter that he was kicked out of day care last week. Yowtch! Now they are concerned about the possibility of him losing his spot at day care permanently.

So, what should my friends do? They have tried timeout, spanking, taking toys away. Nothing has worked. Do you have any ideas for these parents?

In a quick look online, some people even advocate biting the kid back although most parenting lit thinks that is a bad idea. Seems harsh to me, but does anyone think that works?

-- Sherry Robinson


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