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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Kids -- and parents -- do the craziest things!



Parents, you better keep your eyes on your kids. Here are a couple of stories to prove the point.

11434179-1672x2508 A teen in New York was walking and texting when she got quite a jolt: She fell into an open manhole.

Now Alexa Longueira's family is planning to sue. Apparently, access to the manhole had not been blocked off. Her mom says that it doesn't matter that the girl was walking and texting, someone should pay because of the pain, the agony -- and the smell. "Oh my God, it was putrid," said mom Kim Longueira. "One of her sneakers is still down there"

Okay, the teen wasn't paying attention and now it's someone else's fault. Good lesson, mom.

And in Pennsylvania, a 2-year-old girl is now crowned the best hide-and-seek player ever because her family couldn't find her. After searching their neighborhood for an hour, the family called in the police to help look for Natalie Jasmer. The police did come but it was finally the family dog that sniffed the little girl out. Where is her most excellent hiding place? It's a drawer underneath the family's washing machine. She had fallen asleep and didn't hear her family calling.

As you might expect, hide and seek has been banned in that household.

-- Sherry Robinson


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