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Lawyer finds a niche: Christian homeschoolers



Our friends over at the Gradebook blog have uncovered an interesting angle on homeschooling: A Seminole law firm is offering legal services.

You could find your homeschooling plans derailed by divorce or on the wrong end of a social services case, they said.  In response to a column in the St. Petersburg Times about homeschooling, the law firm of David Gibbs emailed the writer information about Homeschool Legal Advantage. 

This service, which helps homeschoolers navigate the local bureaucracy, is available for a suggested donation of $65 the first year and $51 after that.  Members also get free help with other religious liberty issues through the HLA’s umbrella organization, the Christian Law Association.  “It is a privilege and a blessing to be of service,” Gibbs wrote.  It’s been awhile since Gibbs was in the news. Years ago, he defended the parents of Terri Schiavo, who died years after suffering brain damage caused by cardiac arrest.

I'm wondering if this is a service that is really needed these day. Back in the day, it was mostly evangelical Christians who homeschooled their kids because they couldn't afford private school and didn't like the lack of Christian education in public schools. But things have changed. The majority of homeschoolers I know aren't what you call church folk. They just like it because they spend more time with their kids. And these days there are tons of rescources, web sites and curriculum guides available at the touch of a button.

So is this legal service fear mongering, or a needed response to attacks on homeschoolers?

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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