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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Long-distance Momma



I'm not an emotional person. Hardly a mushy momma. Definitely no PDA gal. ButMom_sadkid since I took a temporary work assignment a few hundred miles away from home, everything inside is out.

I miss them. Totally and completely. My heart aches and I constantly worry about theirs. The 3 year old usually never fusses when I leave for work or errands. It's always, "Bye, Mom!!" But recently, when I said goodbye to drive back to Tallahassee, she sobbed and hugged me like never before. I drove the whole way thinking about her body glued to mine and wondering how I could ever make it up to her.

The 8 year old appears more brave about the whole experience, but I know it's hurting her just as much. We talk on the phone twice a day, and sometimes exchange e-mails. It's not the same. It never could be.

Taking this amazing professional opportunity was a heart-wrenching decision. How could I leave them? How could I leave my husband? With his total support, I took the risk. It's for two months, and for these first few weeks, I can drive home every weeked.

The truth is, I'm so busy working this new assignment, I wouldn't see them at all even if I were home. But I would be closer. Able to sneak a hug or a laugh or a smile once a day. Instead, I try to send hugs through the phone. Pray that I'm not scarring them for life.

Mommas, give me strength. I really need it.

-- Amy Hollyfield


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