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Mamma Mia! I'm acting all prepared for school



Time for my acting performance of the year, sort of in the vain of Meryl Streep Mom_meryl but without an accent: Best Actress in a Weekend Before the First Day of School performance.

As all of the Not-Quite-Pulled-Together-but-Really-Trying Moms in the audience know, we should have been acclimating our kids to the new school schedule for weeks now. We should have been gradually moving up bedtimes and wake times. We should have been implementing schedule changes in our summer routine to get them used to next week when they will be dressing in the dark and eating lunch at 10:37 in the morning. We should have, but of course, we didn’t.

But this weekend, there will be many like me who will act like the kind of Mom who did, and try to cram all of that gradual acclimation into one long and painful weekend. We’ll pretend that we didn’t need all of that extra time for our kids, and that 48 hours and 2 bedtimes before the Late Show and waking up before the crack of noon will suffice for preparation to the 2008-2009 school year.

I will have to act as though this is sufficient. I will have to feign non-existent strict bedtimes to the teachers at orientation. I will have to nod in silent opposition to my friends who have taken the time to replicate the school schedule as their own since July. And certainly I will give an Oscar-winning performance when I deliver the line, “Why of course we’ve been preparing for this all summer long! The kids won’t even notice the change on Tuesday!”

But perhaps the biggest acting job will have to come from my children. When they show up Tuesday, wide-eyed and uber-alert, they’ll have to pretend it’s from being well-rested rather than shell-shocked from the alarm clock.

-- Suburban Diva

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