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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Managing a long-distance Christmas



Mommas, I could use some advice. I have a complicated Christmas working and I just can't figure it out. Here goes.

We're headed to California for Christmas with my brother's family and my parents. Obviously, we can't bring too many presents with us. Normally, the plan would be to open a few presents here with my husband's family before we leave. Then Santa would find us in California.

Santa_2 Only this year I'm against paying to ship presents back and forth. (Yes, I actually had a Talking Princess Vanity shipped to Michigan a few years back and then shipped home. Hello!) It's actually a moot point considering what we got the girls.

I scored KOTA the Triceratops for the 3-year-old. One ginormous present. Obviously, he has to be presented here. But then, how do we account for having nothing for her from Santa in California?

Similar problem with the 8-year-old, including the single ginormous present. We pooled with my mother-in-law to give her A Day at American Girl Place in Los Angeles. Lunch, shopping, visit to the hair salon, etc. She will be in heaven. But to ensure my mother-in-law gets some enjoyment out of it, we plan to present the gift package in our pre-Christmas celebration here. And, again come up empty on something to represent Santa in California!

I wouldn't have a problem if I had stuck to my guns and not gone along with the whole Santa story in the first place. Yes, that was my plan when I started this parenting thing. I was so disappointed when I found out the truth as a kid, I couldn't bear to impose disappointment on my daughter. So in our house, Santa was just a nice guy, not The Man.

I was good for about three years, before she returned to preschool from Christmas break. Seems the big question was, "What did Santa bring you?" She came home sobbing, "Momma! Santa didn't bring me anything for Christmas! Was I that bad?" Score me the Worst Parent of the Century Award. That day, Santa became The Man.

Thus my problem. Help!!

-- Amy Hollyfield

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