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Meet Kate, our new Momma blogger



We are thrilled to have our friend Kate Brassfield joining the mom bloggers here on Whoa, Momma! Here's her first post. --Eds.

Ahhhh. The Little Monkey and the Koala Bear are asleep at last. I have a short while to eat, straighten up the living room, make formula, and catch a few NFL highlights before falling asleep myself. Tomorrow begins another crazy week in the Brassfield house.

Some of you may remember my name and my story: I shared my husband's and my struggle to have a baby with Times readers, the first installment in 2007 and the "sequel" this year on Mother's Day. We always knew we wanted to have a family. We just didn't know how long it would take to get there, how close to the limit we would be pushed, how much it would cost. But we always knew it would be wonderful. It would be worth it.

Fourteen months in, I can say for sure: We were right.

As treatment after treatment failed, we swore that when it finally worked, we would never complain about having kids.

We'd celebrate everything: When we found ourselves covered in baby poop or baby vomit (or both); when the baby cried All. Night. Long; when we were forced to watch Sponge Bob for the 17,000th time. We'd remember those darkest moments, and smile.

And we have. Every day with these beautiful girls is a gift.

Despite my longing for a child, I was a complete newbie when I finally had one. I mean, two. My friends with one baby tell me they don't know how I manage -- but the truth is, I didn't know any better, so I just did it! Here on Whoa, Momma, I'll share my rookie twin-mom experiences. I'll also weigh in on infertility issues. And since the Koala Bear is also a "heart baby" -- she was born with a severe congenital heart defect -- I'll share my experience in caring for a child with special medical needs and in dealing with doctors and hospitals.

Uh-oh, the Little Monkey is up! Hope my husband is recording NFL highlights for me!

--Kate Brassfield

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