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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Mini divas learn makeup lessons



makeup.jpgStephanie Hayes, one of the Deal Divas here on that I personally look to for fashion advice, came to the aide of a baffled tween mom, and I just love the results. In a special day of Stephanie's Makeup School, she took four tweens under her well-manicured wing and stressed the need for good skin care, less is more and accenting the positive. I also love that the before and after pictures don't look much different. They are still four pretty girls who got some good advice. You can read about their adventure here.

Many of our Momma readers weighed in a month ago with their advice before Stephanie embarked on the  makeup lesson. You can see she took a lot of your advice to the girls.

As for the whole "when should we allow makeup" debate. Steph figured it right. When faced with this debate, she writes, there are two options.

1. Launch into a diatribe about the rapid toilet flush of the culture, followed by an "in my day" speech, followed by total makeup denial, followed by a door slam, followed by her finding a way to wear it anyway. Or...

2. Take the wheel. Show her how to use eyeliner before she joins the Courtney Love School of Manners and Beauty.

We've had this debate here on this blog before, and I came to the same conclusion. Instead of fighting an all-out ban, why not compromise and give her one thing per year and let her pick it.  If she proves that she can use it appropriately,then you can slowly let her have one thing at a time. Isn't it more important to show her how to use products correctly than simply engaging in a power struggle?

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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