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Whoa, Momma!

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Momma needs her school year groove



Mom_familybathroom It's more than a month into the school year and I've yet to master the balance of a morning where four people have to wake up, be fed, get ready and make it out the door on time. I've tried varying times of getting up, varying orders of getting things done, with zero success.

I thought I had a chance this morning because I actually got up at 6 a.m. -- not 6:15, not 6:30, not OHMYGOSH, is it 7:05?!?! And yet, when the clock hit 8:30, I still had failed to accomplish the basic requirements of every morning:

• Wake up!

• Wake up my 8-year-old! Get her to eat, get ready and get out the door with all her homework and without peanut butter all over her face.

• Wake up my 3-year-old! Same drill, but have to help her get dressed, brush her teeth and do her hair.

• Get myself ready! (I've cut this down to a tidy 35 minutes)

• Spend 30-45 minutes reading the newspaper.

Most days I start with the paper, because usually neither child is up before 6:45. But from when they're up to when they leave for school, my attention is on them. It's our only time together every day. And inevitably there is some surprise time-eater: The little one needs a morning shower because her nose is stuffed up; the bigger one needs to talk about a problem at school; a shirt needs to be ironed, etc.

Do you have a routine that's working? I know my fellow Mommas have shared some lessons they learned on establishing a routine but I would love to see your tips as well! I hope I get my act together soon.

-- Amy Hollyfield

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