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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Mommas in the news



Here's some shiny objects that caught my web surfing attention of other Mommas in the news.

Medical reporter Lisa Greene has a thought-provoking piece today on the bundle of debate that is home births. It's interesting to see mothers call themselves "consumers" when picking birth options, ("Honey, can you get the door? I'm giving birth here.")  but hospitals have changed in recent years as a result of women wanting a greater say in their birth experience.

This article in the New Republic shows the not-so-surprising result of China's one-child policy. It started in 1979, and after three decades China has the largest gender imbalance in the world, with 37 million more men than women. These young men find it hard to get a job or start a family and many are turning to crime.
For practical advice, check out Parent Hacks, which this week lauded the pool noodle as a cheap way to soften and babyproof hard edges like a fireplace hearth, bedrail or door stop. I also like their hack on how to remember where you parked your car: Park it in the same place every time in the back. You save time hunting for a closer space and you never forget where you parked it.

In the oddball arena: Fat men have bad sperm. But the good news is, Grandpa and Grandma are getting more tail than ever before.

Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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