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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Mommas, what underwear do you really want for Valentine's Day?



Well, the day is coming when most men start to shop for Valentine's Day. And outside of chocolate and roses, one of the big sellers is lingerie. But will he get you what you want -- or what he wants?

Maybe he needs a little help and we Mommas know we are all about helping. So here are some tips for the guys, courtesy of Kay-Lin Richardson of Panache Lingerie, a maker of high-end lingerie and swimwear (and If you have to, Mommas, send your significant others the link to this post):

Mom_valdaylingerie Figure out her size. Check the labels on her bras and underwear to see what size she wears. Bras are sized by a number combined with a letter, representing the band size and the cup size, and bottoms are typically sized in small, medium, large and so on.

Check her underwear drawer to see what styles she typically wears. Lingerie comes in such a range of styles, and it can be overwhelming. Take a peek to see if she’s a fan of bras with an underwire, bras with or without padding and bottoms that are fuller briefs, thongs or boyshorts.

Look to see what colors she likes best.  A good indicationof her favorite colors – as well as colors that complement her skin tone best – are those that she wears most often in her day-to-day wardrobe. Does she lean toward neutrals and basics like black, white and gray? Or does she favor bright colors and cheerful patterns?

Just because you like it doesn’t necessarily mean she will. Keep in mind that this is the first layer closest to her skin, so look for soft, smooth and comfortable fabrics and quality pieces that won’t poke or itch her.

So now the ball is in his court. Maybe once he gets you what you want, he'll get what he wants.

-- Sherry Robinson

[Panache's Tango Plunge and Thong in chilli]

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