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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

My baby's not gaining enough weight!



Mom_babyweightThe pediatrician’s words signaled the end. My daughter, at 9 months old and what I thought was a robust 16.5 pounds, is not getting enough calories. According to the growth charts –- check out this freak-me-out growth calculator -- she is not gaining weight or height. It’s time to supplement, the doctor said.

Upon hearing those words, my husband expected me to crumble, to feel like a failure after all these months of breastfeeding exclusively, pumping in the wee hours of the morning and freezing milk to be transported to the sitter. No tears here. I am just proud we made it this far. Still, this supplementing directive seems questionable given that my daughter could easily be the Mikey of the 21st century.

As her baby sitter says, she eats every thing that’s not nailed down. The pediatrician did allow that my daughter could just be headed for a life of smallness because I am petite with relatively few love handles for a woman who only recently gave birth. Like me, my husband is vertically challenged.

But here’s the rub: the little princess does not like her supplements. She’s not into the most popular brands of powered formula, their liquid brethren or the sweet PediaSure that the pediatrician was so convinced would do the trick. She expels each of them with an aim worthy of the pie-eating contest in Stand By Me. (I’ll spare you think link.) The little one just wants me. In a way, it’s flattering. But it also means I’ve got to increase my production. So, I’m bumping up my caloric intake, taking vitamins, pumping more and attempting to pull off a MacGyver and get more rest.

Any suggestions from seasoned parents who have helped a picky drinker and a less-than productive mother make this transition are most welcome.

-- Sherri Day

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