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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

My Super MIL Bowl



Now that the lingerie bowl was canceled, what’s a family to do for Super Bowl fun?

I know I will be engaging in the first Annual In-Law Bowl.

Mom_endoraNow don’t get me wrong, in the immortal words of Fred Flintstone, “I love my mother in-law, I love my mother in-law.” And I do! Thankfully, she's nothing like Endora, the witchy mother in law pictured here. It’s just I have a feeling we’re going to be playing a game of our own on Sunday when they come down from up north for a visit.

For example, she will pretend to want to watch the game, and I’ll pretend that I don’t care all that much. I’ll feign surprise when my children know what a point spread is, and that it is seven for this game. She in return will ignore the squares on the wall written in crayon.

I’ll fumble when I suggest that salsa counts as a vegetable, but she’ll lose some yards when I catch her watching the commercials with interest.

At half time, I’ll get extra points if I do not say out loud that I hope Bruce Springsteen has a wardrobe malfunction. She scores if she does not admit that she prefers marching bands for the half-time entertainment.

And just when I think the game is about even, my sisters in-law will no doubt call an audible, and my MIL is reading this right now. Game-changer.

She’ll say, “This may be the 43rd Super Bowl, but I wasn’t born yesterday.”

Game. Set. Match. She wins.

Tracey Henry, Suburban Diva

[That's Endora, the mean MIL from Bewitched but she is not my mother in law -- I love, love, love my mother in law. Really, I do!]

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