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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

New Mommas, do YOU need some sleep?



Mom_shari Whoever came up with the expression, "sleeps like a baby'' must never have had kids. Because if he or  she did, they would know that getting a baby to sleep can be quite a challenge, especially early on.

Shari Mezrah knows this well. After her first child was born, she was aghast when he didn't go to sleep every night at 8. Where was the instruction manual?

Finding none, the new mom set out to create her own. What resulted was a plan to get infants sleeping through the night in nine weeks. Yes, really. Her plan involves adhering to a strict feeding and sleep schedule that anticipates a newborn's needs and gets them on track immediately.

Several years later, Mezrah spelled out the plan in a book titled The Baby Sleeps Tonight, which just hit book stores. It's a quick, simple read with great tips and testimonials from moms exalting the plan's benefits.

As a mother whose baby didn't sleep through the night until 10 months old, I found the book fascinating, but not necessarily for me. At nine weeks, I was still adjusting to motherhood and not ready to tackle such an ambitious plan. Sure, I was tired but not delirious. Plus, I was lucky. I didn't have to go back to work in a matter of weeks. I had the luxury of months.

I see Mezrah's book as a wonderful tool for families with complicated schedules. Mom certainly can't be getting up every few hours if she has a big presentation to make at work at 9 a.m. And Dad can't be relied upon for late-night feedings if he's traveling on business.

Kudos, I say, to parents who commit to the plan and stick with it. Mezrah says those families and kids are well-adjusted and happy. I imagine they are. I probably would have benefitted from the plan, but I have no regrets. My baby sleeps like a baby - most of the time - and that's okay with me.

You can check out Mezrah on April 8 at Seedlings in Tampa for a book signing and to chat about her approach to getting baby to sleep. For more on Mezrah and her new book, click here.

-- Susan Thurston, Times mom

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