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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

New must-have: plastic bracelets shaped like animals, stars



Bandz These red-hot gotta-have-it trends come on faster than a snap bracelet and probably last just as long. But the latest craze to empty drug store shelves is Silly Bandz, rubber bands that are in the shape of a star or dolphin instead of a boring old circle.

I visited the local CVS recently at the pleading of my kids because overnight it seems all the kids at school are collecting and trading these multicolored wrist trinkets. Sure enough, there was a bin right in front of the store with a pack of 24 selling for $4.99 and a baggie of 12 going for $2.99. The manager told me he'd stocked up on 200 of them just the day before and there looked to be about two dozen left in the bin.

Zoo The brand names vary:  Silly Bandz, Crazy Bandz, Goofy Bands, Zanybandz. They look like neon colored wiggly bracelets when worn, but  when taken off, all I could think of were those Wonder Twins from that 1970s cartoon Super Friends. Form of ... farm animals! Shape of ... a dollar sign! There's sea creatures and dinosaurs and religious symbols and on it went.

We picked up a pack of sea creatures and one of more generic shapes like a star and a heart. Then I remembered that I'd be chaperoning a field trip later in the week and maybe a packet of these might be a great way to bribe the kids for good behavior. Form of ... a sucker!

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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