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Nifty gadgets for women



Blackberrycurve_5 Could someone please tell me why they market Palm Pilots, and their offspring, the smart phones such as the BlackBerry and iPhone, to business people, when clearly these are the best mother's helper since the two-martini play date?

I was eager to share my love of this gadget for our annual Holiday Gadget Guide (which is great reading for gift ideas, by the way) because every time I share my love of electronic organizers with readers, I get even more ideas back. About five years ago, I wrote about my infatuation with what was then my Palm Pilot, a personal digital assistant or PDA, that turned into my back-up brain. It remembers birthdays and soccer schedules, recipes, shopping lists, and even had a calorie counter.

I'm not a techie, far from it. I'm just married to one. And believe me, If I can figure out how to use a gadget, it really is worth it.

My only complaint at the time was that between my cell phone and PDA, my purse was getting heavy. Enter the BlackBerry. The cell phone with a keyboard lets me send and receive e-mail, surf the Internet, check my calendar, take pictures and fold laundry. Oh wait, scratch that last one. It isn't perfect … yet.

Just a few of the ways I use my phone to run my life:

• I enter birthdays and anniversaries in the calendar once and it remembers them forever. Then I set my phone to buzz me the week before to remind me.

• A Christmas gift idea list. When my sister said in August that she'd love a pedometer, I noted that, and come December, I had ideas for her. Maintaining the list permanently keeps me from forgetting someone.

And, oh yeah, it comes in handy at work, too, for surfing the Web during boring meetings.

You can read my complete ode to my back-up brain here. And feel free to tell me what else it can do that I haven't thought of yet.

And check out the Gadget Guide. I always hate how expensive they are, so I appreciated the $40 fishing tool that tells you the water temperature for fishermen and the $24 light saber to turn your Wii player into a Jedi knight.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

[Last modified: Thursday, May 13, 2010 10:58am]


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