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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

The nightmare before Christmas: Where do you hide the gifts?



Presents Okay, just between us Mommas, Santa actually arrives early with presents, and they need to be hidden where curious little eyes won't find them. I usually grab big old boxes or use an empty plastic storage box and hide them in there. I also hide them in my closet, a place I know the kids never go into.

The great parent tips Web site, ParentHacks, has this fabulous idea: Hide them in empty luggage. Your kids would never look there because they don't do the packing. And if you're really trying to hide them, lock the suitcase -- just remember where you put the key!

Some other old favorites are the car trunk, but that doesn't work if you drive a minivan. If you have an office that has a locked door or closet, that works, though it means a Christmas Eve dash to retrieve the presents. The helpers at eHow offer these tips (I liked the idea of picking a place they would never go, like the laundry room. Serves them right for not helping with the laundry!). One friend of mine hangs the shopping bags over a hanger in her closet and then covers it with a big coat or other clothes.

They might have to learn this the hard way, but the penalty for snooping is simply that there will be no surprises. This is worse than it sounds. I know a woman who to this day says her worst Christmas was the year she stumbled upon all the Christmas gifts. At first she was thrilled that she had info her sisters didn't have. But come Christmas morning, there were no surprises. It was a bummer and she NEVER snooped again.

-- Times Mommas

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