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No duh: Octuplets' mom says she always wanted 'huge family'



Mom_octuplets_2Nadya Suleman, the single mother of six who then gave birth to octuplets on Jan. 26, is finally speaking out about why she had so many kids. The 33-year-old Suleman, who is divorced and underwent in vitro fertilization to have all of her children, told the Today show's Ann Curry that it has just been her dream "to have a large family, a huge family."

"I just longed for certain connections and attachments with another person that I really lacked, I believe, growing up,” she said.

Suleman told Curry that she tried for seven years to get pregnant but artificial insemination failed. Then when she had her first IVF, it was a success. "And then I just kept going in," she said. Suleman's mother had said that her daughter was obsessed with having children.

Meanwhile, the debate rages on as to why a doctor would transfer so many fertilized embryos to one woman when guidelines state that a woman of Suleman's age should have no more than two embryos transferred at a time.

The former president of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine told MSNBC that he and others in his specialty are prepared for a backlash because of Suleman's case. Dr. David Adamson, director of Fertility Physicians of Northern California, said he has never provided fertility treatments for a woman with six children.

A rep for Suleman says that she was not paid to do the interview with Curry. However, Suleman has been receiving offers for book deals, TV shows and other business ventures.

The interview is set to air on the Today show Monday and on Dateline on Tuesday.

-- Sherry Robinson

[Photo: Nadya Suleman, left, talks with NBC's Ann Curry in this Associated Press photograph]

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