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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Oprah comes to the aid of overwhelmed moms



Hotcar Watching yesterday's epsiode of Oprah where she interviewed the teacher who left her baby in a hot car while she went about her day, I had the urge to shout at the screen, "Put your purse in the back seat! Put your purse in the back seat!"

You see, about a month ago I blogged here on Whoa, Momma! how I  have a recurring nightmare that I might also be worthy of a guest spot on Oprah as "Worst Mother in the World" for forgetting a baby in a hot car. I admitted that one time while I had a break in my routine I was driving to work on autopilot and I had a momentary lapse where I was heading to work and forgot to take a turn into the neighborhood to drop off my baby at day care. I have since had terrible thoughts of "What if?" So ever since, I have put my purse in the back seat just in case my overwhelmed brain ever  forgets there are kids back there. There's a whole scientific study about how our efforts to keep kids safe has put them in the back seat where Momma is more likely to forget they are there.

So Yahoo Shine picked up my blog post on this confessional -- and oh my goodness -- I got slammed. Granted, the hateration wasn't as bad as what was inflicted on this poor woman on Oprah, but I have an inkling of how she felt. For my effort to warn other overwhelmed moms, I was blasted: How dare I think more highly of my purse than my baby!

But the point is, how does your brain handle the normal everyday routine? Most women don't take one step without a purse in hand. So I still say: If you put your purse in the back seat, you are less likely to make the tragic mistake of hurrying out of the car and leaving your most precious cargo in jeopardy.

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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