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Outfitting a Tween for Easter



Mom_daffodil My parents have temporary custody of two 10-year-old girls, my cousins whose mother is deployed in  Kosovo. In addition to re-entering the world of parenting school-aged children, my parents also have inherited responsibilities of the fashion kind.

The girls are fraternal twins. One girl is a petite, girls 14. The other girl is a bit taller and has grown into a girls 18 – if such a size existed. In most cases, it does not. For the uninitiated, girls’ sizes traditionally stop at 16. Then, they are expected to transition into the juniors’ department.

And therein lies the problem.

Have you looked at juniors’ clothes lately? To put it mildly, it’s way too grown up for a 10-year-old girl.

Enter Easter. My mother bought the girls identical Easter dresses from Macy’s. She got them another set of dresses from Dillard’s just because they go to church often and need them. The smaller girl’s dresses fit perfectly. The larger girl -- and she is by no means large -- could not wear her size 16 frocks. That's the largest size they had in stores, though I recently learned some "plus" sizes do exist for some dresses online.

So, all of you Mommas who have been there and done that, would you please tell me how to properly outfit a tween girl for Easter? I’ve been called in to help, but frankly the whole process gives me a headache. I finally settled on a size 18 dress and sweater from Justice, a store for tween girls. But it is not nearly as cute as the department store dresses. Perhaps it is time to accept it -- the twins are growing up.

-- Sherri Day

[That cute daffodil dress is $42.90 at Justice -- but on sale for 40 percent off]

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