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Parents get safety tips for Facebook



Don't miss this great overview of Facebook Safety Tips from our Gadget Guy, Jack Rowland. I've written before about being pestered by my tween to join Facebook because "all" his friends are on there. According to Jack, some 37 percent of 10 to 12 year old are indeed on there, so it's a sizable number.

I think really involved parents have shown they can allow Facebook with some supervision and even use it as a teaching tool. I have to admit that I was grateful the Facebook rule is 13, giving me an easy out. I don't think my son would be stalked or would behave badly online. It's that I'm feeling lazy. I know the minute I say yes, I've got a lot more work to do teaching him to live online responsibly and to protect his privacy.

But that 13th birthday is coming up next spring, so I read Jack's post with interest. He notes that the 32-page booklet, available for download, contains step-by-step instructions and illustrations with parenting points on safety, privacy, and reputation protection. The instructions include both cellphone and computer-based use of Facebook. They also have a series of at-a-glance charts that help you quickly navigate the settings on your accounts to optimize security.

Thanks again, Gadget Guy!

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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[Last modified: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 9:39am]


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