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Parents need to talk to kids about love triangle that led to death



mom_teenkilling.jpgHey Mommas (and Poppas), if you haven’t done so already, you should check out this story by Lane DeGregory from Sunday’s St. Petersburg Times. It's the tale of two girls who thought they were in love with the same boy. Now one is dead and the other is facing life in prison for her murder. And the boy? He never went in to see the dead girl at the hospital and apparently hasn’t contacted the one in jail. Some boyfriend.

This is a must-read for parents and can serve as an excellent starting point for you to have a frank discussion with your middle- and high-school-aged kids about boy/girl relationships. As you read the story, your heart goes out to the parents. And you realize that you can use their story as a very teachable moment in the lives of your own kids.

Tell your kids that it’s okay not to feel pressured to be paired up with someone just because everyone else is doing it. Tell them that if they do have a boyfriend or girlfriend, then that person should not try to change them. And tell them that if a person is truly committed to a relationship -- although that feels weird to say to a teen -- then they won’t have someone else in their lives, no so-called friends with benefits.

Show your kids the photos, especially the one of the girl in what could be a bikini or her underwear or the shot of the “boyfriend” shirtless. And tell your children that if anyone sends them a photo like that, they should delete it immediately.

And more than anything else, tell your kids that you love them and that you’ll be there for them to talk about anything. Because if you can discuss the hard topics with them now, maybe you can prevent what you think is impossible from happening later.

~ Sherry Robinson

[Rachel Wade, left, faces a charge of second-degree murder in the killing of Sarah Ludemann, right. Both were dating Josh Camacho, center. Wade's trial is slated to start this week.]

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