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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Pavement Patty, creepiest PSA ever



patty.jpgI know their heart is in the right place but this safety campaign by the Canadian group the Preventable, BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation is enough to give a driver a heart attack. They've come up with a  3D illusion geared to make drivers slow down that has been dubbed "Pavement Patty."  

Drivers near 22nd street in West Vancouver will be confronted with what seems like a young girl running after a ball in front of their car.  But it's really a 3D decal on the pavement that looks too real for weak hearts.  Signage near the image reads “You’re probably not expecting a child to run into traffic.”

In my old neighborhood, we had a side street that a lot of impatient drivers used to jump on to avoid a red light.

So we borrowed or bought traffic cones or other slow-down devices that we plopped in the middle of the road to keep these lead-foots from running over the kids. So I get the motivation. But this is just alarming. And creepy. And nightmare inducing.

I'm also worried that once someone has been fooled by it, they might not pay attention next time, thinking it's another decal. The makers promise the police, traffic engineers and the community will be monitoring traffic around this 3D illusion, but it just seems like a sick joke.

Am I  just being a nervous Nelly? Our neighborhood traffic cones weren't too popular. One time an angry teen opened his car door and snatched one because he was so annoyed by our attempts to slow down the speeders. Maybe this kind of shock is what we need these days.

~ Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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