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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

The perfect Valentine's Day gift



It’s really a lot tougher question than it seems: What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

While I am a woman and a wife, I am also a mother, which negates my inherent femininity and renders me the least romantic being on the planet. As a Momma, I naturally repel romance. It is a survival skill. I do 20 loads of laundry every week -- I have used enough dryer sheets in my lifetime to detract any electricity -- static or otherwise.

Mom_pajamasThat leaves my husband in a difficult position for Valentine’s gift-giving. He may be tempted to purchase some traditional gifts like flowers, chocolate , or God forbid, lacy unmentionables. The latter would be a mistake -- he cannot win with that one. Because if he should pick out a size too small, I will be hurt as only we women can, and I will brood for years over it thinking he thinks I’m fat. I will assume he is hinting that I should fit into it. If he selects one too large, I will be convinced he sees me as the size of a house and I will brood about it for years thinking he thinks I’m fat. But if he picks my real size? I will be absolutely horrified, and then brood about that for years thinking he thinks I’m fat. No, maybe some Secrets should be left to Victoria.

Truth be told, I would like some nightwear. But just my own comfy PJs as we sleep in together some Sunday morning without toddler legs and arms impaling our backs or dog slobber on the pillow. No early morning practices to rush to, no bottles to warm -- just a couple of uninterrupted hours together. I know one prolonged morning is akin to asking for the moon, but if you could pull that one off, I’ll wear one of those lacy unmentionables for you. The one that’s too small.

-- Tracey Henry, Suburban Diva

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