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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Play with your food: Halloween eats



Mom_scarypancakes Reader Chris Kelly of St. Petersburg sent me this picture of the fabulous ghost pancakes he made for his kids for Halloween morning. That got me thinking of the fun we can scare up in the kitchen as we count down to Halloween.

So Chris has breakfast covered. Simply separate 1/4 cup of the pancake batter and mix with cocoa powder to make the eyes and mouth and get pouring. Doesn't that ghost on the left look a bit nervous to be on a plate?

Monster_2For lunch, you can pack a "monster sandwich" which was my lame attempt at bento lunches recently. It's just a standard PB&J cut into a grimace with grapes on toothpicks for eyes. They were a big hit in my kindergartener's lunchroom. (Tip: it helps to put the sandwich in a box rather than a bag for this. You can get sandwich boxes cheap at the dollar store.)

Mummydogs_2 Over at the Picky Palate, a great Web site for making family friendly dinners more interesting, they came up with these Mummy Dogs that I think look like a darn good way to make a fast dinner on Halloween night. Just throw a cookie sheet of those in the oven using hot dogs and Pillsbury Breadstick dough.

A while back, food diva Janet Keeler made some great suggestions for quick and easy Halloween dinner meals: grilled cheese sandwiches kicked up a notch by adding apples, pears, turkey or bacon; homemade chicken nuggets; a one pot meal of chili, stew or soup; picnic fare like chicken, potato salad and deviled eggs (seems appropriate for the night); or good food from your favorite take-out joint. And check in on her blog Stir Crazy for menu ideas every week.

No need to fear eating well or having a little fun in the kitchen on Halloween. 

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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