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Poll: Teens, tweens dub Miley Cyrus "worst celebrity influence"



Mom_mileypole After a few years as every tween's dream idol, Miley Cyrus now tops a different list --  worst celebrity  influence, according to a poll on the AOL tween/teen blog, Just So You Know. After some questionable career choices, chronicled here, here and here, 16-year-old Miley is off the pedestal and in the doghouse with her fans. Nearly 44,600 kids voted -- or as one commenter, defending Miley on a blog, said,  "400 tweens (who) voted 100 times."

Maybe the worst part of it is who she beat out for this award: Britney Spears, who admittedly was not mother of the year for a while, got 27 percent of the vote; Kanye West, who interrupted Taylor Swift's speech on the MTV Video Music Awards, with 19 percent; Vanessa Hudgens (nudie photos) at 9 percent; and Shia LaBeouf, who really loves his mom and also was arrested for DUI, 3 percent.

After the craziness of her dropping out of Twitter, and now the craziness of someone saying he will kill a cat if she doesn't get back on, it's not been a good week for Miley. Even her little sister is getting into the act.

I know it's difficult for Miley to grow up in a goldfish bowl as she tries to assert herself as more than a teen star. It might help for her parents to try to help her through this awkward phase rather than just being her buddy. Because, heaven knows, they don't want this on their hands.

-- Sherry Robinson

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[Last modified: Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:03am]


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